One of the ways that heavy hauling is done more effectively is through the use of lowboy combinations. Lowboys (drop and gooseneck trailers) can be used in succession while being hauled by a single vehicle.

There are complications that might make the use of lowboy combinations counterproductive; to be sure, contact a local expert at NessCampell to see if the right trailer combination can increase the efficiency of your haul.

Height, Length and Weight Considerations

In the U.S., there’s no maximum hauling weight at the federal level, but there are minimums and maximums that are determined at the state level. Not having a knowledge of these weights can cause problems when mapping out your heavy haul. States can vary between anywhere from 80,000 pounds to 171,000 for their total weights.

Depending on which state your haul is traveling through, the legality of two to three trailers working together is highly variable, and your hauler needs to know which states are safe to make the haul. There are a number of combinations that are common, such as the double (two standard trailers up to 23 feet each), the turnpike double (two trailers up to 48 feet each), or the Rocky Mountain double (two trailers of different sizes, the smaller referred to as the “pup” trailer).

While there are no maximum weight considerations in federal guidelines, there are considerations when it comes to height outside of the interstate system. So the height of the cargo becomes an issue. To ensure that your haul doesn’t get stuck or redirected at great cost, especially in Oregon or Washington, it’s always smarter to pick the brains of local experts in the field.

Using the Right Lowboy Combinations

Given the sheer complexity of the rules governing state to state travel, it’s highly recommended to use the services of NessCampbell, the local experts in Washington and Oregon for heavy hauls across long distances.

Errors in logistics when it comes to heavy haul transport can be very time-consuming and expensive. To avoid such problems, contact NessCampbell today to see what would be the best approach to your heavy haul.