We have the necessary dolly equipment to handle heavy hauls, specifically for tanks and oversized vessels.

All our heavy machinery dollies are designed and built to handle the toughest of jobs. 

Our transport dolly equipment utilizes cutting-edge technology: wide tire dollies, power steering, and lowprofile machinery makes for optimal maneuverability in all conditions. 

We can do jobs over all types of terrain, including highways, bridges, through busy work sites or urban settings and through other types of public roads.

We also keep dolly equipment that’s specifically well suited for instances where vertical clearance might be tight; our dollies have a 16” lifting cylinder, which means loads can be moved with just the minimal amount of vertical room.

Our biggest priority is transporting your equipment in the shortest time possible, without taking any safety risks with the help of our heavy machinery dollies.

We are capable of moving hundreds to thousands of tons for heavy hauls with our equipment moving dollies. That’s why we’re the preferred company for heavy hauls in Oregon and Washington. 

Our dolly equipment is just one part of what makes NessCampbell one of the premier providers of heavy haul services. We also offer turnkey solutions for your operation, which also includes routing and driver tracking services. You’ll always be informed of where your haul is in the process and when you can expect the job to be finished. If anything changes, you will know immediately.

Beyond machinery comes the operation: we are pleased to say we have some of the best heavy haul personnel in the Pacific Northwest. Much of our team has been with us for many years with a near-perfect track record of safety and reliability.

If you have a heavy haul move coming up that could use the assistance of heavy dolly equipment, send our team a message so we can get back to you with an estimate.