Dual-Lane Trailers

Dual Lane Trailer owned by NessCampbell in Portland OR

Just as the name implies, dual-lane trailers are designed for especially wide or heavy loads. This could include transformers, turbines, generators, industrial pumps, and more. With dual-lane trailers, plant relocations become that much easier and are ideal when smaller trailers are inappropriate.

These adjustable trailers are designed to be manipulated according to what’s being hauled and the roadways being used. NessCampbell dual-lane trailers can carry up to 125 tons and can be expanded to 70 feet. We have the tools to make the big moves.

But it takes more than the right tools to complete these kinds of jobs. Our heavy haul division is comprised of experienced drivers, riggers, loaders, and engineers. Securing your load to the truck, pre-trip plans, and a constant eye on best practices, our crews will make sure materials get to where they’re going.

This includes planning the best routes, securing the proper permits, and find the best routes to the final destination. Our engineers review all roadways to make sure the path is free of obstacles (such as low bridges or power lines) or tenuous turns that could hamper the truck and trailer.

Preparing for a big move? Make sure to contact NessCampbell first. With a wide array of equipment, such as dual-lane trailers, and an experienced crew for operation, we are fully capable of handling whatever job you have for us. Give us a call and we’ll start planning the trip.