The tri-lifter has three separate methods for moving client equipment: acting as a forklift, attaching a boom or jib for overhead picking abilities, and using the top of the machine as a platform. This versatility makes the tri-lifter a valuable machine to have for industrial or manufacturing moves and installations.

For example, the platform top is ideal for bridge crane installations, lifting the equipment into place. These riggers – which can lift up to 100 tons – are also commonly used to move press brakes, shears, and CNC machinery. But it also has a light touch and can move or place more specialized equipment, such as MRI machines and other healthcare equipment as well as vaults, pumps, transformers, generators, and more.
As the name suggests, twinlifts offer two different ways of lifting objects. With the forklift attachment, the twinlift can lift, move, and place machinery, equipment, and other objects with ease. When outfitted with a telescoping boom attachment, this equipment is especially useful when needing to reach higher areas. This could be the second story of a building or mezzanine areas.

The twinlift can also be outfitted with a winch for lowering objects. Depending on where the twinlift is positioned, it can provide an incredible amount of coverage during installations, moves, removing of materials, reaching overhead areas as well is lowering items. With the ability to lift 40 tons, the twinlift is ideal for lifting or lowering pumps, motors, and electrical or mechanical equipment.