Lift System Twinlift Portland, Oregon

NessCampbell Twinlift moving heavy machinery

Not every job requires a 300-foot crane that can lift 600 tons. There are times when something smaller is required, like in a warehouse or industrial facility packed with heavy machinery. Do you have a job that features tight corners and close quarters? The Lift Systems Twinlift in Portland, Oregon, is the right tool for the job.

Less than 8-feet wide and 8-feet tall when fully compacted, our Lift Systems Twinlift in Portland, Oregon, will have little issue getting to where it needs to be in your facility. But even though it’s small in stature, it can still lift up to 40 tons of materials, machinery, or equipment. It can also be used outside on hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt.

When it comes to moving an enclosed manufacturing, industrial, or even commercial facility, the Twinlift is almost indispensable. With the help of our Lift Systems Twinlift in Portland, Oregon, we bring innovative and advanced machines to you so you can complete your job on time. We take the time to work with you to ensure no matter what you need to move, we have the machines to do so. Our dedicated team strives to provide a safe environment, performs routine inspections on all equipment, and take care of many other top priorities. With NessCampbell at the wheel, you can be confident your loads – from heavy machinery to sensitive equipment – will be moved with utmost care and safety.

NessCampbell is a full-service lifting, rigging, and hauling company. Whether you’re moving equipment around a facility – or the region – we have the crews and the equipment to take care of all aspects of the move. We have been in the lifting industry for more than 70 years and have the equipment to get you where you need to go. Have a move coming up? Give us a call!