Versa-Lift Crane

Versalift rigging machinery NessCampbell

The smallest of our specialized rigging equipment, the NessCampbell versa-lift crane is ideal for smaller moves in tight spaces. But don’t let the size fool you – it can still lift up to 30 tons and perform the same work as the twinlift. But it’s easy maneuverability and compact build allows us to get the job done when space is limited.

With the forklift and boom attachments, the versa-lift can perform many of the same duties of the other rigging equipment. All of our attachments have been custom-cut to fit through doorways and other move paths and properly certified for use. The versa-lift can move or place mills, lathes, routers, lasers, punch presses, commercial laundry equipment, and more.

All three of these lifters are tailor-made for work inside warehouses, industrial facilities, or other buildings where traditional cranes just can’t be used. These machines are strong, versatile, and ready to help with industrial machinery relocation as well as placing delicate equipment.NessCampbell has been providing lifting and rigging services since 1947 and have locations throughout Oregon and Washington. We have the equipment, the crew, and the experience to get the job done efficiently and safely. Getting ready to move to a different manufacturing plant or remodel your existing facility? Give NessCampbell a call.