Heavy Haul Trailers in Oregon + Washington


Getting heavy hauls completed properly is often a complex process.

Depending on the type of cargo you’re moving, your freight job probably may need to make use of different types of heavy haul trailers in Oregon and Washington to get the job done. NessCampbell uses a number of different trailers customized to your job’s particular specifications.

To make sure that the right type of heavy haul trailer in Oregon and Washington is in use for your cargo, contact the experts at NessCampbell today so that we can determine the right trailer for your needs.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are the industry standard for freight because their design is straightforward for moving heavy loads. Capable of carrying cargo and loading anywhere on the trailer, flatbeds are capable of carrying up to 48,000 pounds (24 tons) and are often the best choice for most heavy freight jobs. Another advantage is that heavy haul flatbed trailers can usually take up a single lane of traffic, though there may of course be an issue with loads that are considerably wider.

Step Deck Trailers

Step Deck Trailers (or, “Single Drop Trailers”) are very similar to flatbeds, but have a specific value in that they have a top and bottom deck. Capable of carrying the same weight as a flatbed trailer, step decks are particularly useful when certain types of cargo wouldn’t meet highway height restrictions on a flatbed. The lower deck can be used to make sure cargo still meets the same specifications.

Double Drop Trailers

When oversized shipments are involved, double drop trailers are the right choice. Double drop trailers have three decks, but only the center deck–a wheel-less deck referred to as a “well”–is generally used for the main cargo. The advantage to this particular setup is that cargo can be up to 10ft high and still pass muster for highway restrictions. On the other hand, about a ton and a half is lost in total freight weight.

RGN Trailers

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN trailers) are basically the most powerful option for hauling large cargo. Stretch RGN trailers can haul three times as much of large cargo (over 70 tons), and can also haul at larger heights like double drop trailers. Unlike double drop trailers, however, RGN trailers have a detachable front (“gooseneck”) that then allows the dropped section of the trailer to be loaded like a ramp.

Choosing the Right Heavy Haul Trailer

Depending on the size of the cargo and your hauling needs, NessCampbell can help you find the right heavy haul trailer in Oregon and Washington, which will work according to your cargo size and budget. If you’re not sure which cargo trailer is right for you, contact our haul experts to help you find the right match.