John J. Anderson


I love my job. Every day brings a different strategic challenge to solve. My specific responsibilities include daily oversight of operations, sales, safety and accounting performance, with an eye to risk management, financial growth, operational efficiency, and quality service. But that’s just the resumé. I’m a third-generation crane guy who started out as a yard hand, and I love being around the guys. Joining them at picnics and softball games, safety and leadership meetings, and talking about the day’s work, their struggles, or the NFL Ticket. Those are the relationships that help build the loyalty, morale, and shared attitudes that knit NessCampbell together. My vision for the future is to help create a culture that embraces progressive business practices in safety, integrity, and quality customer service. To keep that momentum going I’m mentoring potential leaders in the company and making it easy for everyone at every level to be accountable, transparent, and successful.

Favorite Piece of Equipment

Liebherr 1500.8.1 600-Ton All Terrain Crane

Dream Adventure

My relaxation destinations include white sand, a very warm and tropical climate, lounge chairs and ocean excursions. I enjoy the history and greenery of Austria and I’d also like to take a trip to Great Britain someday to research where some of my ancestors once lived.