Capacities up to 160 Tons

Whether it’s moving construction vehicles or much larger size cargo, specialized hauling equipment setups can increase the payload to where your cargo can be moved much more quickly than using regular hauling equipment.

When is Specialized Hauling Equipment a Good Idea?

Specialty Hauling NessCampbellSpecialized setups are usually ideal for cargo weights that are much heavier than 48,000 pounds, the standard for a flatbed trailer. Specialized hauling equipment can haul over three times as much as regular flatbeds, and can be used for jobs regular trailers might make more difficult.

Such trailers can be used to haul construction vehicles and other equipment to job sites, for example, since most construction vehicles are not road-legal. They can also be used to haul very large payloads (50 tons or more).

Considerations with Specialized Hauling Equipment

Specialized hauling trailers use higher numbers of axles for load distribution. The weight is evenly distributed across all the wheels, making it easier to move heavy weights (up to 160 tons at once). This means that moving 300 tons might only require two rig setups, as opposed to five or more with regular haulers.

However, specialized hauling equipment are higher-maintenance as they are considerably more intricate and are designed to handle much higher payloads. This leads to higher maintenance costs.

The question is: can your cargo be handled by flatbeds or other trailers if needed? Would such a setup be more efficient? Depending on the size of your payloads, perhaps not: cost is ultimately the largest issue when it comes to specialized hauling equipment. If your hauling job needs that level of horsepower, it is available but not always cost-effective.

To make an informed decision, it’s best to consult with local hauling experts

At NessCampbell, we are local experts with years of experience in heavy hauling and long distance hauling throughout Oregon and Washington. With a full line of both standard trailers and specialized hauling equipment, NessCampbell will be able to advise what is optimum for your particular heavy haul needs.

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