Temisko Trailers

Temisko Trailers NessCampbell

For nearly 50 years, Temisko has been engineering, developing, and building of specialized trailers for heavy and long hauling. During that time, Temisko became experts in the construction of semi-trailers designed for moving large industrial, construction, or manufacturing products and machinery.

The quality of Temisko’s semi-trailers depends on the design, materials used, perfected construction processes and techniques, and improving technology throughout the years. This experience, coupled with larger and more complex loads, has driven Temisko to new innovations.

NessCampbell uses Temisko trailers for moving industrial plants across town or windfarm equipment across the state. Strong enough to carry 80 tons and featuring a deck that can expand from 10 feet to 70 feet, the Temisko trailer is also easy to maneuver.

Before every move, NessCampbell engineers the most efficient and safe trip planning to get from point A to point B. The shortest route is not always the best – every trip is mapped out before the load is ever put on the truck. Our drivers perform pre-trip checks before every move to make sure their truck – and your load – will show up on time.

Have more questions about Temisko trailers, our safety practices, or even our lifting and rigging divisions, give us a call. We are the industry leader in the Pacific Northwest. NessCampbell is an all-inclusive company, providing cranes, transportation, engineering, and operators for your project. We look forward to hearing from you.