Different Types of Construction Cranes

Cranes are essential to the construction process. Whether you’re building a two-story house or a skyscraper, there’s a crane for it. Below, our experts summarize the different types of construction cranes.

Mobile Cranes

The most standard crane used today is the mobile crane. It’s extremely reliable in its footprint and mobility. The footprint refers to the crane’s position to lift material with the correct capacity. It’s able to hoist materials inside its chart requirements.

Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes are used for rescue operations, lifting boats from water, and building signal towers. It consists of a large boom in which several tubes are fitted inside each other. A hydraulic system extends or retracts the tubes to increase or decrease the boom’s length.

Tower Crane

As its name suggests, tower cranes assist in constructing tall buildings. These cranes can work between 230 and 265 feet, and they can lift 20 tons. Large bolts anchor them to the ground during the construction period—in addition, these bolts can easily be removed afterward. Operators use radio and hand signals for communication.

Railroad Crane

Just like it sounds, railroad cranes are specifically used for railway construction and reparation. These cranes have flanged wheels to move easily on the rail track.

Aerial Cranes

These cranes look like a helicopter and are used to carry large loads. They are typically used to reach hard-to-reach places like the tops of high-rise buildings. They are also used in disaster rescue. Aerial cranes are also known as sky cranes.

Floating Cranes and Harbor Cranes

Floating cranes and harbor cranes are great options in bridge or port construction. They are used to load and unload ships. Due to their size, they are some of the most powerful material handling cranes in construction. Floating cranes are fixed and cannot move but can load up to approximately 9000 tons. Harbor cranes, by comparison, are smaller and more flexible.

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