Boom Trucks

Boom trucks bring many uses, and so we keep a lot of boom trucks available for our local Oregon and Washington customers.

Boom trucks are usually the ideal vehicle for most lift jobs, as their capability ranges from a few tons of lift to up to 54 (the average being 17 tons).

The Many Uses of Boom Trucks

From hauling loads and cranes at a construction site to lifting cherry pickers and firemen, boom trucks are used in major lifts everywhere almost daily. Their hydraulic booms are stable enough that they can be used for almost any type of lift, especially for jobs that involve real precision.

While they are more limited in how much they can carry, boom trucks are excellent for moving things quickly, as they are road-legal and drive like regular trucks. They work with a level of exactness that larger vehicles can’t match (a boom truck’s controls can lift its cargo to an inch of a specified location).

Because of this, boom trucks can be anything from the “worker ants” on a construction location to the center of a warehousing operation. They can move at far greater speeds than other lifters and can even be used to stack objects that the average forklift can’t.

Boom trucks are therefore also handy for lifting heavy objects to multiple levels on precast construction and many more. For your most basic lifting needs, boom trucks are not only ideal, they’re often the preferred choice for many lift jobs.

If your lift needs are very specific, a boom truck can often be even more useful than a larger vehicle, simply because they are that much faster and more precise. For larger jobs, boom trucks can be used in conjunction with other construction vehicles for bringing crane materials and other vehicles to finish the job.

Boom Trucks: Your Everyday Solution

Boom trucks are constantly in demand, which is why we carry a complete line of boom trucks for all sorts of lift jobs. If you are in the Oregon or Washington area and you need a boom truck or any other vehicle for heavy lifting, we’re ready to serve you: talk to your local experts at Ness Campbell today!