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When you’ve moving heavy or fragile equipment, the last thing you need is a forklift with rough starts and stops. And when you’re working in smaller facilities, a bulky forklift becomes a problem. Our specialized forklifts are ideal for moving machinery.

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Specialized Forklifts Solve Unique Problems


The smallest of our specialized rigging equipment, the NessCampbell versa-lift crane is ideal for smaller moves in tight spaces. But don’t let the size fool you – it can still lift up to 30 tons and perform the same work as the twin lift. But its easy maneuverability and compact build allows us to get the job done when space is limited.


Not every job requires a 300-foot crane that can lift 600 tons. There are times when something smaller is required, like in a warehouse or industrial facility packed with heavy machinery. Do you have a job that features tight corners and close quarters? The Lift Systems Twinlift is the right tool for the job.

Tri Lifter

A tri-lifter is a type of heavy machinery that can be used to move equipment in confined spaces. Tri-lifters can comfortably carry over 100-ton loads depending on the build of the machine and is useful for maneuvering in indoor spaces, such as in a garage or a workshop, or in outdoor situations that require low-clearance equipment including freeway underpasses.

Hydrostatic Drives

The hydrostatic transmission (available on some of our Specialized Forklifts including our Versa-Lift 40-60) outperforms mechanical, electrical, and gear options because it has a smooth power curve with no peaks or valleys in performance. With hydrostatic drive, you can increase torque with no gear shifting required. You’ll get a faster response and more controlled speed regardless of load.

Two-Speed Transmissions

The Versa-Lift’s two-speed transmission offers more torque at lower speeds, and increased acceleration and power when needed.

Extendable Frames

This unique feature increases the versatility of the Versa-Lift. With the base retracted, the Versa-Lift can move loads up to 40,000 pounds. When the frame is extended, lifting capacity is up to 60,000 pounds.

Hydraulic Boom Attachment

You’ll gain crane capability and vertical lift to 26-feet with the telescoping boom attachment. The horizontal boom includes a swiveling lifting eye to prevent load rotation.

Direct Lift Mast

Some of our Specialized Forklifts, including our Versa-Lift, have a two-stage hydraulic lift cylinder. This provides smooth performance without mast chains, which can elongate, break or fail when pins twist.

Removable Counterweights

When heavier loads need a counterbalance weight to prevent tipping, the Versa-Lift and other Specialized Forklifts can be fitted with up to three counterweights. The team at NessCampbell Crane will calculate the weight needed and follow all guidelines for safe connection. Being able to remove the counterweights lowers the weight (and cost) of transporting the Versa-Lift to sites.

Remote Control

Specialized Forklifts and our Versa-Lift offers an optional wireless remote control, giving the operator the ability to run all functions of the lift with external visibility. Use of the remote control can reduce the manpower needed to move machinery.

Why Specialized Forklifts and Versa-Lifts are Useful for Industrial Projects

The 40/60 Versa-Lift is mid-sized and compact, making it useful when strong lifting capability is required on space-limited sites. Its maneuverable, powerful, easy-to-use design gives NessCampbell Crane the right machine for the following types of tasks:

  • Loading and unloading from transport vehicles
  • Positioning equipment and machinery accurately
  • Lifting and moving heavy machinery within a facility


Safety is a core value at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging. We are industry leaders in crane + rigging safety practices and are fully committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, customers, and the public at large.

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