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The Outcome of NessCampbell’s Job Exceeded Everyone’s Expectations

via DSV Global Transport and Logistics

For this project, Shell Refinery recommended our services to DSV Global Transport and Logistics, as we’re performed this kind of work for Shell in the past. Not only did we have the necessary equipment to perform the total scope of work from port to site, but we had knowledge and experience of the Bay Area that allowed us to determine the best route from the port to the refinery in Martinez, CA.


The Challenge

We encountered numerous challenges during this project. One major challenge was determining how to transport four large and heavy reactors through the Bay Area of CA. The client preferred the Port of Richmond, one of our competitors said it wasn’t possible. We aimed to help the client achieve this goal. We partnered with Metro Ports, determined the ideal route, then ran into difficulty with the approval process. We needed CalTrans to approve our plan to travel the wrong direction on I-680 for 2 miles to get to the refinery. The other option would be to start from the Port of Stockton, but this was much more costly and involved a longer route and increased risk to the fragile reactors. Additionally, we had a specific timeframe in which to transport the reactors back to Japan. With these variables, we budgeted a tight two and a half weeks to offload the four reactors from the ship, transport them over the road one at a time and then offload them and stage them on the ground.

A big truck hauling a large object under a bridge | Heavy Haul | NessCampbell

The Solution

The key to the project’s success was prioritizing the Port of Richmond at all costs. We worked hard to negotiate and collaborate with people in key positions within the Port and State agencies to achieve this goal. Our close relationships with Port and State agencies played a huge role in the success of this project. With every roadblock that arose, we found another solution, and when people said no, we found others to step up to meet the challenge. This project’s scope, especially given the schedule limitations, is difficult and overwhelming—but the NessCampbell team took on the challenge and delivered. By providing two dual-lane trailers, we were able to transport two reactors in one week and ensure the project’s success.

Why NessCampbell?

NessCampbell was truly the only company for this job. While our competitors told the client that their goal of using the Port of Richmond was impossible, we told them we could make it happen. We knew that our client was hesitant to believe we could make the seemingly impossible happen, so we worked hard to earn their trust ease their fears. Our history with Shell and our commitment to excellence allowed our client to believe in us. From ownership to project management to the operators/riggers, our dedicated team ensured the project’s success and continues to be the best in the industry.

A massive object being loaded onto a large truck | Heavy Haul Trucking | NessCampbell

The Outcome

The outcome of the job exceeded everyone’s expectations. The ship arrived a week early, and we had all four reactors onsite and on the ground two weeks before the specified drop-dead date. We have many big wins on this project: Caltrans approved our plan to travel the wrong way on I-680 with no issues; CHP police escorts gave us transport dates; a utility truck company expedited transport time during the moves. Although COVID-19 restrictions made it challenging to communicate with the small state agencies, they all came together and issued our permits on time. Ultimately, our clients were deeply satisfied with our exceptional performance.

Equipment Used
  • 20 Axle Lines of California Goldhofer Dual Lane Trailer
  • 2 Prime Movers
  • 2 Semi Trucks
  • Gantry System
  • Stand and Beams
  • 3 Bucket Trucks
  • 3 Truck Escorts
Logistics + Services Used
  • Engineering + Planning
  • Transportation / Hauling
  • Rigging
  • Equipment Operation

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