Case Study

Jack MacDonald Building Project

NessCampbell Crane + Rigging, a leading crane and rigging company, undertook a critical task in the Jack MacDonald Building project located in Downtown Seattle. The project involved lifting and positioning Air-Handling Units (AHUs) using our specialized 550 Grove GMK7550 AT Crane. This endeavor was not only complex due to the size of the units and the height at which they needed to be placed but also because of the need for seamless collaboration and unwavering focus on safety while working with multiple partners.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for NessCampbell Crane + Rigging was to lift the AHUs and position them into an 11-story opening within the building. This required precise coordination, expertise in handling heavy equipment, and a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols due to the project’s scale and intricacy.

The Approach

Knowledge Preparation: NessCampbell Crane + Rigging began by thoroughly analyzing the project requirements, including the weight and dimensions of the AHUs, the height of the building, and the space constraints within the building for positioning the units. This knowledge formed the foundation of their operational strategy.

Collaborative Planning: Recognizing the need for seamless collaboration, NessCampbell Crane + Rigging engaged closely with other stakeholders involved in the project, including Lease Crutcher Lewis and McKinstry. They conducted joint meetings to align on timelines, safety measures, and operational procedures.

Why NessCampbell?

NessCampbell’s proven track record of handling complex projects with precision and safety makes them the top choice for crane and rigging needs. Combining advanced equipment with expert collaboration, NessCampbell ensures every project’s success.

The Outcome

Through a combination of in-depth knowledge, collaborative planning, and a steadfast commitment to safety, NessCampbell Crane + Rigging successfully completed the AHU lifting and positioning operation at the Jack MacDonald Building. The project was executed within the scheduled timelines, without any safety incidents or operational disruptions.

Equipment Used
  • 550 Ton Grove GMK7550 All terrain Crane
Logistics + Services Used
  • Crane Service
  • Engineering + Planning
  • Transportation / Hauling
  • Rigging
  • Signaling

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