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Certain jobs require massive movement. Rigging and lifting jobs that require hundreds of tons being moved need to make use of the right equipment to get the job done right. NessCampbell can get your move done with the use of our crawler crane rentals in Oregon and Washington.

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How Crawler Cranes Work

Crawler cranes are cranes that move on crawler tracks akin to those found on a tank, as well as other large construction vehicles. These cranes can either have telescopic for fast lifting or a lattice boom for considerably more powerful lifts. Thanks to the power behind the inter-meshed cabling that comprises a lattice boom, a crawler crane can lift hundreds of tons, making it a straightforward choice for large-scale construction projects.

Our crawler crane services have also seen increased use due to the construction of wind farms. Crawler crane rentals are particularly useful here, as they are capable of rigging turbines more quickly and efficiently due to their relative size.

Our crawler crane rentals in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho can also be used with telescopics and can be extended with hydraulics if necessary. No matter what the specific circumstances are involved for your large-scale project, a crawler crane can usually be custom-outfitted for unique situations. Our crawler crane rentals are expandable so that they can match your load and work specifications.

Delivery of Crawler Cranes: A Local Solution

One of the difficulties encountered with the use of crawler cranes is their sheer weight: crawler cranes cannot be transported easily from one area to a far-off region. Delivery, therefore, is usually in parts and can be time-consuming and expensive. While there are some exceptions, crawler crane delivery is generally problematic.

We can deliver crawler cranes anywhere in the United States from our locations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. NessCampbell has the crawler crane services you need for your specific project and can get the work started more quickly than trying to order a crane from out of the area for a local project. Our crawler crane rentals are expandable so that they can match your load and work specifications.


Safety is a core value at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging. We are industry leaders in crane + rigging safety practices and are fully committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, customers, and the public at large.

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No matter how big the job, count on Ness Campbell to have what you need to get your rigging or construction work done. If you are in need of lift services that will require the use of a crawler crane rental in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, get in touch with us today.