What Businesses Have to Say About NessCampbell

“ Your crew did an excellent job working with my crew installing the gear in the basement at Neuberger Hall and I wanted to thank you! Very professional from the beginning to the end Sir, it was a real pleasure working with you and hope I have the opportunity to again.”


EC - Electric

What Companies Are Saying About NessCampbell

…your entire team was great to work with. Your salesmen are responsive and always provide the information we are looking for. All the field guys we had were great too, from the crane operator to the truck drivers. Thank you for great project service, and I look forward to the next time

— Andrea —

Your crew on Saturday did a great job! We were working in a very confined space, and your crew made a good impression on our construction management team of the University. They performed very professionally from start to finish, including help from the truck drivers. I look forward to working with them again.

— Jeff —

I wanted to personally thank your crew that was working with us this weekend. …I’ve worked with NessCampbell for 13 years and have always been impressed by your professionalism. The attention to detail and smooth execution of the plan is valued by our company, and we appreciate the fact that you guys are willing to take time out of your weekends to assist us with our projects.

— Rick —

Thank you for all the professional hoisting at the Boeing 737 Delivery Center. Your team truly understands this environment; as the crane is one of the most high-profile objects on the job, it was very important that your operators were highly skilled and professional. They did an outstanding job for us.

— Ken —

Your crew did awesome! I keep hearing from multiple people on different jobs (not just my jobs) about how good your team is.

— Andrew —
Balfour Beatty

Team NessCampbell Crane perform to a very high standard and we appreciate your work. Drew did an excellent job as lift director for this operation and McKinstry as well. The operation was safe, efficient, and most of all productive. Thank you for your support.

— Bobby Blanks —

I would like to reach out and say that our company has been very impressed with your services on our projects.

— Brandon —
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company worked closely with NessCampbell Crane + Rigging for a year (2016-2017) on a large, intense, confidential Mission Critical construction project in Oregon. On our project, both their Project Management and field execution performance was exemplary. While they provided crane services for many different portions of the project, their largest scope was the rigging and setting of a large magnitude of mechanical and electrical equipment. To put it in perspective, critical lifts and complex rigging were executed continuously over a period of 6 months. I was the Project Manager responsible for the Mechanical and Electrical scope for the General Contractor, and I was consistently impressed by NessCampbell’s attention to safety, detailed rigging plans, and the ability/willingness to be flexible with all that comes with large-scale construction projects. NessCampbell’s attention to detail, positive attitude, and strong work ethic were integral to our team completing the job safely, and it was because those qualities were consistent through their tenure on the job that they were such an important asset to the project team as a whole. I jumped at the opportunity to write this letter because I have had nothing but positive experiences working with NessCampbell, and I hope to work with them again in the future.

— Brian Godfrey —
Streimer Sheet Metal Works

As usual, your operators and riggers/bellers exceeded expectations. Thank you for jumping through all the hoops, and your quick response. It was much appreciated. All went well, and I will definitely use NessCampbell on the next one. I have always contracted you guys in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

— Craig Hayes —

I just want to let you know what a great job your crew did. Andrew and Tim are very professional and did a good job of representing NessCampbell.

— Gary —

It’s always fun to see your team in action, they did a terrific job! When the next opportunity arrives I will definitely call NC for our projects.

— Juistin —
Hoffman Construction

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for a job extremely well done on the successful relocation of the various marble sculptures and tables. The entire process went better than any of us had hoped and that is due to your efforts in planning, problem solving, execution and teamwork that was demonstrated by everyone involved. The amount of care and concern to the sculptures, the surrounding finishes (including brand new carpet) and the safety of the public was flawless. These sentiments are not only Hoffman’s, but also the Port of Portland. We’d like to express our appreciation for a very professional performance. Thank You!

— Ken Hettinger —
General Sheet Metal

Your company is just a bunch of rock stars. Everything went so perfectly on Saturday and we really appreciate it.

— Liz B —
Sign Associates

I just want to thank you and your team for the fine work. Rodney was a great operator to work with!

— Rod —
Howard S. Wright

…thank you for everyone involved in yesterday’s pick. I really appreciate the NessCampbell team for their professionalism during the crane lifts, coordinating with each scope as the crane was shared.

— Samual —

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the amazing work today in getting the generator delivered and set we couldn’t have done it so smoothly without the awesome Southport Team we have onsite and the great coordination from Pacific Power and NessCampbell. Thank you all for the great team effort that made this possible.

— Semir Dedic —
Hos Bros

We’re extremely pleased with how the demobilization of our three large excavators went last Saturday. Thank you, we appreciate you and your crew’s hard work.

— Tim —
Waste Management

Again, you guys were excellent to work with. Very knowledgeable, professional, and took time to explain every aspect of the lift. What I was most pleased with was their primary concern – Safety. NessCampbell is not at the top of our list for crane services, you’re the ONLY name on it now. Thanks again for the great job.

— Todd —
Skanska USA Building Inc.

…what a great job that Cesar and his crew did for us on Wednesday night. Though this was not a “critical pick” as far as loads, the execution of this crane pick was crucial to the Port of Portland’s Operations. Charlie did a great job getting the plan in place along with Snyder and Skanska, and your boots on the ground crew executed the plan fantastically. As always it’s a pleasure having NessCampbell cranes onsite and really appreciate the care that your teams take to ensure that the crane operations go smoothly and without issue.

— Troy Boardman —