Rough Terrain Cranes

While some construction vehicles are focused more on hauling and precast elements, a rough terrain crane is an essential crane for any job.

Rough Terrain Cranes are designed to make short work of early stage projects and their usefulness often extends throughout the course of the lift job. Since they are an essential part of almost any lifting job or construction project in Oregon and Washington, we have a number of rough terrain cranes ready for your project when you need them.

What is a Rough Terrain Crane For?

Rough terrain cranes, more so than all terrain vehicles, have large rubber tires that are designed to easily conquer any space on the job. Their versatility allows them to work in areas that are in early stages of construction. Whether the site is at a stage where they’re plowing through mud or laying down gravel, the rough terrain crane performs flawlessly without issue due to those large tires.

Like excavators, these cranes are single-operator and have their steering wheel and crane functions operate out of a single cab. However, the single cab also gives the operator much more flexibility and control in terms of actual space. Rough terrain cranes are not only ideal for maneuvering through early work sites that aren’t improved yet, but are nimble enough to work in areas with limited space.

Because of the relative compactness of the vehicles, they are great for early lift starts and will often be used throughout a construction project as a sort of “designated hitter” or “secret weapon” when other vehicles aren’t able to get the job done. While many rough terrain cranes have telescopic booms, there are some available that do have lattice booms which can therefore be adjusted, making these cranes even more versatile in terms of how much of a payload they can deliver.

When Will You Need a Rough Terrain Crane?

Like certain other vehicles which are tricky to transport—such as crawler cranes—rough terrain cranes require a heavy haul trailer, as well as a more experienced operator to transport. This is why it is best for clients in the Oregon or Washington areas to find a local solution.

We have rough terrain vehicles on hand for all of the needs of our customers, with multiple leasing options available.

Contact one of our experts today about all our lift services so that we can help give an idea of how long you should have one of these powerful cranes on hand and where it will be most useful.