NessCampbell Equipment Inspection and Safety Training

Safety is a core value at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging. We are industry leaders in crane + rigging safety practices and are fully committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, customers, and the public at large.

The results show that this approach works: our performance on safety meets or exceeds all state, federal, and customer regulations and standards.

Our full-time Safety Department consists of regionally based safety professionals and a Corporate Safety Director. They are hands-on in the field every day to ensure that our safety culture and procedures are strictly adhered to and that everyone on every job stays safe.

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We carry out our commitment to safety through a behavior-based safety culture backed up by a rigorous and comprehensive safety and NessCampbell Universirty — our robust and industry-leading training program.

Jeff Baker

Safety Manager

Kristy Clough

DOT-OSHA Compliance Specialist

Natalie Malone

Regional Safety Manager

Steven Spurlock

Corporate Safety Director

Trevor Broten

Training Director

Equipment inspection and safety training

Beyond our Safety Directors, we maintain our deep commitment to safety by bringing on operators with years of experience (as well as being NCCCO certified), utilizing the most modern equipment, and constantly educating ourselves on the best crane + rigging safety practices.

We understand the importance of routine heavy equipment inspections. That’s why we take various measures to properly inspect all our crane + rigging equipment. Heavy hauling equipment inspections are a top priority to always ensure a safe working atmosphere. We inspect our equipment regularly as well as replace parts long before they break down. This proactive approach ensures both our equipment and our people can work for a long time.

The fact that we have highly trained, full-time safety and training professionals gives our organization an unparalleled level of professionalism and dependability that underscores our position as the #1 Crane + Rigging provider in the Pacific Northwest. We take the practice of crane + rigging safety seriously; that’s why we provide innovative training techniques to help ensure every job gets completed safely. With various safety and training programs, we set ourselves up for success. We constantly look for new and innovative ways to provide our services while ensuring top safety practices. Have confidence in our crane + rigging safety, and see how our safety training and equipment inspection can make a positive difference in your work environment.

We cannot predict all of the on-site issues. However, given all of our years of experience in rigging and lifting, we can anticipate many of the most common issues.

Final word

A successful project goes far beyond just staying within time and budget; without proper safety, a project is nothing. We don’t want to merely provide a safe environment for our workers and the public – we want to set the standard for crane + rigging companies throughout the world.

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