Hydraulic Truck Cranes

For those lift jobs where a lightweight, durable solution is essential, Ness Campbell provides a full line of hydraulic truck cranes. These road-legal cranes are the perfect solution for jobs that require speed and efficiency, because they are almost always easy to transport and can get jobs done quickly. For local lifts using hydraulic truck cranes in Oregon and Washington, look no further than Ness Campbell to get the vehicles you need to your job site and get your lift job done.

When Are Hydraulic Truck Cranes the Right Vehicles For the Job?

Hydraulic truck cranes are particularly useful for fast lift jobs. While larger cranes may need transport, in general, hydraulic truck cranes can transport themselves and can simply be driven to the job site as opposed to requiring a move. This makes them a great choice for local lift jobs, moves and hauls. Given their speed and relative size, they are often used in a wide variety of applications that involve limited heavy lifting.

Hydraulic truck cranes use a hydraulic boom as opposed to a lattice boom. Hydraulic booms operate through a series of liquid pumps and pistons, which have counterbalances that allow for large amounts of weights to be lifted by the boom. While that means that changing a boom is somewhat more difficult, it’s much easier to use a hydraulic truck crane than the alternative when it comes to jobs where movement is more important than weight (such as loading trucks).

Another advantage of the hydraulic truck crane is its easy maintenance while doing jobs. Since the boom is designed for a specific weight level, these cranes are ideally used when the quantities being moved are well-known at the outset, and the speed of these cranes makes them a great choice for everything from smaller construction jobs to large-scale warehouse distribution.

In short, hydraulic truck cranes are ideal for two situations in general: lift jobs of limited scope, in which case the crane would be central, and secondly when the hydraulic truck crane acts as a transporter for other, more specialized cranes.

Hydraulic Truck Cranes: When There is a Need For Speed

For lift jobs that need to be done fast and right, there is no better option than hydraulic truck cranes.

We have a complete line of cranes for this and virtually any other lift job imaginable in the Oregon and Washington area.

If hydraulic truck cranes sound like a solution for your particular situation, or you aren’t sure, talk to the local experts at Ness Campbell to make sure that you make an informed choice.