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Our Solutions Are Moving

Founded in 1947, NessCampbell has worked hard to serve the needs of clients and communities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Over the years, we’ve grown to employ over 300 individuals, added over 100 cranes to our fleet, and established 8 locations across the Northwest. We also provide specialized transportation rigging, machinery moving and engineering services whenever you need them, 24 hours a day.

Church top being lifted by a crane | Crane Rental Services | NessCampbell

Core Values


  • We value and respect safety over every aspect of our business, it is at the forefront of every decision we make.
  • We are passionate, interdependent and compliant and always make safety our primary priority.
  • Our customers have come to expect this and remain dedicated as our progressive safety culture speaks for itself.


  • Our team remains accountable, humble, respectful yet compassionate.
  • We lead by example, follow thru, and communicate effectively.
  • By always making the right choices we ensure professionalism at every level of our business.

Do the Right Thing

  • Our ethical principles remain fair and consistent.
  • Honesty and Integrity are at the core of our beliefs and values.
  • We will always be prepared to teach others and treat everyone equally.

Do What We Say

  • Our customers require safe, professional dependability and our employees deliver it!
  • We secure our future with commitment and drive.
  • Our customers & employees deserve transparent communication.

Our Mission

While our primary goal is to help our clients complete their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, we prioritize safety above all else. Our estimating and engineering team will work with you to understand your project’s details so that they can develop a customized plan for helping you achieve your desired outcome. At NessCampbell, our clients are our partners; we will walk side-by-side with you throughout every phase of the process to ensure that every logistical challenge is addressed and resolved safely.

A man standing next to a crane on the street | Crane Operation | NessCampbell
Construction workers gathered around a towering crane | Crane Operator | NessCampbell

A Culture of Excellence

We believe that information and experience are key elements of success. That’s why we’ve implemented a series of innovative training programs to support our employees and staff, ensuring that they have continuing access to the tools and programs they need to keep up with new advancements in equipment, machinery, and safety protocols. Most of our employees make lifelong careers with us, advancing their skills with regular training. By supporting and encouraging our team to strive for excellence, we can foster a culture of curiosity, growth, and greatness.

Commitment to Quality

NessCampbell is invested in greatness at every level. All of our crane operators are NCCCO-certified and carry years of experience. Our operators are the best in the business. No other business in the Pacific Northwest can match our success rate, the range and quality of our equipment, or our standards of maintenance. Our safety record is unparalleled, and our EMR rating is well below the industry average. From start to finish, we are here to make your crane or rigging project run like clockwork.

Workers operating a tower crane at a construction site | Crane Operation | NessCampbell

Our Partners

Dan Pollard

Senior Vice President

John J. Anderson


Mike McDonald

Vice President, Rigging Division

Mike Teeter

Vice President, Portland Division

Ralph Esary

Vice President, Seattle Division

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Get Started

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