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When you need conventional truck crane rentals in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, call upon NessCampbell to advise you on your next lift project. Conventional truck cranes remain central to any construction project, and a number of models and sizes are available for whatever project needs may arise.

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How Conventional Truck Cranes Work

Conventional Truck Cranes (also referred to as Lattice Boom Cranes) are the standard for construction for a few different reasons, but they ultimately boil down to adaptability and portability. Their design allows them to be easily transported down major highways without issue. Conventional truck crane rentals are perfect for big, basic jobs where many things need to be lifted quickly and efficiently, such as moving concrete or even putting up steel frames.

With their ease of transport, conventional truck cranes aren’t for complex projects (such as a Spyder crane) but for getting the main parts of a project done quickly and efficiently. The lattice boom on a conventional truck crane is easily adjusted for a variety of heights, weights, and sizes and is considerably more capable of lifting than a conventional hydraulic boom. Conventional truck cranes can have a lifting capacity of 15 to over 1,000 tons, depending on the job requirements.

When To Use Conventional Truck Cranes

Our conventional truck crane services can be used for different precast applications such as installing parking garages, bringing together bridge assemblies and many projects for quick installations. For lengthier and larger projects, our conventional truck crane rentals throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho bring their main value in putting together precast elements to get the main structures installed more easily and cost-effectively.

Are Conventional Truck Cranes Right For Your Project?

Depending on the size and scope of your next project, conventional truck cranes may be a useful option for precast or other lifting jobs.

If you require conventional truck crane rentals in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, we are the right choice for putting together your lift fleet. With a variety of conventional truck cranes available, our experts can help your management team put together the right set of cranes for your next lift job.


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