Our Trained Team Offers Innovative Rigging Services to Every Client

From moving transformers to delicate healthcare infrastructure, we’re committed to moving your machinery quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our expert riggers plan and design each move to suit the specific needs of each client. Whether we are moving ships or racing vehicles, we go to great lengths to make sure everything arrives without a scratch.

NessCampbell has the best equipment and expert personnel to assist you with all of your transportation and rigging needs

We’ve proudly provided our top-notch rigging services to clients in the fields of technology, healthcare, solar, freight forwarding, and many other industries throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’re ready to help you with your heavy machinery moving, rigging, erection, and assembly needs, so give us a call today to get started.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We’re committed to providing customized and coordinated services to all of our customers. Our rigging experts work side-by-side with our crane, transportation, and engineering experts to minimize scheduling conflicts and streamline the process from start to finish. Our highly-trained team offers innovative rigging services to every client, along with the technical support necessary to ensure that the work is completed safely, efficiently, and on time.

Specialty Equipment

Depending on the unique needs of your project, NessCampbell can provide a range of rigging equipment options for situations in which cranes are not the best option. Our rigging division is fully outfitted to help you complete your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing moves. We’re able to offer specialty equipment that is specifically designed for specialty moves: TriLifters, twin lifts, versa-lifters, and more.

Customized Solutions

Our customizable and adaptable machinery gives NessCampbell several ways to safely and efficiently transport heavy machinery throughout your facility, out to one of our heavy haulers for transport to another facility, or to deliver materials. Call today to learn more.


Safety is a core value at NessCampbell. We take pride in our ongoing commitment to providing a safe environment at each and every worksite. We abide by all state, federal, and customer regulations and standards, so you can rest assured that our rigging services and all our equipment exceed your safety expectations.

Get Started

Get Started

Looking for specialized rigging services in the Portland area? Contact NessCampbell today at (503) 283-3111 to get started.