When moving a lot of heavy material is your priority, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho customers turn to NessCampbell’s hauling services. NessCampbell makes use of heavy-duty prime movers to get the job done right. Prime Movers are capable of long hauls when it comes to moving hundreds of thousands of pounds of heavy cargo and getting the job done efficiently and by legal highway standards. If you need hauling services, contact NessCampbell today.

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For the Heaviest Jobs: Prime Movers

Prime movers are designed to move anywhere from 150 to 250 tons, and are not small vehicles. Because of their size, they have to be used solely on truck routes– these behemoth vehicles move massive cargo such as generators and other large machinery, as well as major lifts of construction materials for extremely large projects.

Our heavy-duty prime mover trucks in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho have up to 600 horsepower, with both conventional and self-propelled hydraulic platform trailers that range from four axle lines to 44. With dual-lane transporters that can carry up to 250 tons, these vehicles are designed to move large payloads efficiently to their destination. Further, prime movers can make use of railcar trailers to carry lots of cargo at once.

If this is the sort of power that you are looking for in a hauling job, then your haul job needs a prime mover.

Is a Prime Mover Right for You?

Sometimes heavy loads can be broken down on smaller yet more powerful vehicles other than prime movers. However, if you are dealing with very large cargo, chances are a prime mover truck in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho is the right vehicle for your particular haul job.

Heavy-Duty Hauling When You Need It Most

NessCampbell’s fleet of hauling vehicles can handle any size payload that our Oregon, Washington, and Idaho customers need, no matter where the cargo needs to be taken. Whether it’s a local job that requires a lot of horsepower or a job that needs to go long distances, the experts at NessCampbell have the tools you need to get the job done.


Safety is a core value at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging. We are industry leaders in crane + rigging safety practices and are fully committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, customers, and the public at large.

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