January 2019

Is Courteous Driving a Lost Art?

Hauling equipment in a wind farm

Professional drivers already know what makes for a safe drive. Pre-trip checklists make sure the truck and trailer are in good working order. Inspecting the load to make sure it is secured in place certainly makes for a smoother rider. Checking road conditions and weather reports provide an extra layer of safety, too.

What about a pre-trip checklist for the driver? Sleep-deprived, hungry, or even a bad experience the day before can all affect job performance. In that distracted condition, being a courteous driver is one of the first things to go. Road rage can occur on a drive home from the grocery store or during a 500-mile heavy hauling trip.

What is courteous driving? Think back to everything you learned in high school driving class. Turn signals, maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you, and other safety tips still apply today. Even in hectic driving conditions, the old adage is true: keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.

Courteous drivers avoid putting themselves in precarious situations. Instead of trying to shoehorn a 50-foot truck into a tight spot, wait for your chance. In urban areas, don’t blow through yellow lights, but give yourself plenty of room to react to a signal change. Don’t constantly change speeds to make up time, stay in the flow of traffic.

Don’t get us wrong. It can be difficult to keep it together when inattentive drivers swerve in and out of traffic. Or when cars follow too closely and remain hidden in a blind spot. Or when any other rules of the road are being ignored by those who are a lot more nimble than big rigs.

That being said, professional drivers know to anticipate the driving behaviors of others on the road. Truck drivers can also help alleviate stress levels in other drivers, too. By avoiding the fast lane, following speed limits, and remaining in a single lane, all drivers can safely share the road.

At NessCampbell, our safety considerations extend beyond the worksite. We take the safety of other drivers into consideration by practicing courtesy on the highways and byways. We do this to make sure our drivers, our machinery, and your loads remain safe. Contact us today to see how we can assist in heavy hauling situations you may have.

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