Safe and Effective Signaling Services to Ensure the Success of Your Project

Operating a crane can be complex, especially if the operator’s view is obstructed in some way. The highly qualified signal persons at NessCampbell work with our crane operators to ensure that the process of moving large objects from one location to another proceeds as smoothly and safely as possible.

Our Highly-Qualified Signal Persons

The crane operators at NessCampbell receive the highest level of training in order to keep jobs running safely and efficiently. There are times when a crane operator needs to move a large load from one place to another, but their view may be obstructed or incomplete in some way. When this happens, our qualified signal persons work on the ground to communicate with the operator, making sure that each component of the transport process is completed according to the highest safety standards.

NessCampbell has developed a deep culture of safety at all levels. Like all of our staff, our signal persons are highly qualified and committed to participating in continuing safety education opportunities.

Our signal persons have a firm understanding of the type of signals used at the worksite and are comfortable using them to support the crane operator at all necessary phases of the project. They can demonstrate their understanding of crane mechanics and limitations, and they have been evaluated on these skills by a Qualified Evaluator.

A Culture of Support and Safety

NessCampbell encourages a spirit of collaboration, especially between our operators and signal persons. We recognize that the success of each project relies on clear and effective communication among all those involved. When you work with us, you can trust that every step of the process will be handled in accordance with the highest safety standards.


We recognize that our crane operators often need eyes and ears on the ground in order to complete a task safely. That's where our signal persons come in. Fluent and able to communicate signals clearly and effectively to the operator, the signal person ensures that the site remains safe for all involved.

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Get Started

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