October 2020

The Different Parts of a Crane

The Different Parts of a Crane (1)

Cranes are immense structures but, like all machines, are composed of smaller parts. If you are working around cranes on a construction site or other venue, you should understand their general composition. Here are the different parts of a crane.


Though all parts of a crane are essential to its ability to lift and move heavy loads, none of it would be possible without the hook. As the main point of connection between the load and the crane, the hook grasps and holds items needing transport. Also, because it’s one of the only connections, the hook must be strong and durable enough to maintain a significant portion of weight.


The hoist is the part that creates lift in a rigging system. The hoist consists of a cranking mechanism, or winding drum, and a wire that raises and lowers the hook. Without the hoist, objects wouldn’t get off the ground.


One of the largest parts of the crane is the boom. You can easily recognize this as the long steel arm that spans the length of the machine. This part of the crane begins at the operator’s cabin and ends at the hook. The boom distributes the weight and provides the necessary height to lift each load.


Many types of cranes need leverage and distance beyond the reach of a boom. This is where a jib, or jib arm, comes in. This piece usually extends horizontally from the boom. It works to create extra space between the crane body and the load, allowing cranes to hoist larger or longer pieces.

Counterweights and Outriggers

You may be wondering how the crane can support such massive loads without toppling over. Besides the sophisticated rigging and latticed trussing, there are counterweights at the back of many cranes to provide balance when moving heavy loads. When counterweights are not sufficient or are not present, outriggers are set up to stabilize the crane body to the ground.

Keep the different parts of a crane in mind the next time you are around one and see if you can identify them. If you are looking for a crane to use on your construction site, contact us here at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging. We are one of the premier crane companies in Portland, Oregon, and can hook you up with the right crane to fit your needs.

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