September 2020

The Relationship Between Signaller and Crane Operator

The Relationship Between Signaller and Crane Operator

Safety and efficiency are key aspects of any construction project. To ensure this, there are certain personnel and working relationships that keep the site secure and working well each day. One such partnership is the relationship between signaller and crane operator. Here are some important things to know about this pair.

Who Can Be a Signaller?

A signaller is a crucial person to have on your construction site, especially when using cranes. The signaller is the person who directs, oversees, and guides crane operations. They work on the ground next to the crane while the crane operator works within the machine. Due to the importance of a signaller, it is not a job that any person can do. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has set requirements and testing for anyone seeking to work as a signaller.

Why Do You Need One?

A signaller is necessary, not just for faster work, but also for site safety. Because they are situated outside the crane, they can monitor the surrounding situation for any hazards. The signaller is a critical addition to your team because the crane operator often cannot directly see what is going on around them. By having a signaller to guide them, they are able to safely operate the machinery.

How Does the Relationship Work?

The signaller and crane operator have an important working relationship based on a series of hand gestures. The signaller can communicate instructions about lowering, swinging, extending, and all other movements associated with lifting materials. The crane operator must obey the signaller’s instructions at all times, and the crane operator must know which signallers are on duty, so they can follow the right instructions.

Understanding the relationship between signaller and crane operator is critical to keeping your construction site safe and well-maintained. If you are looking for crane service in Portland, Oregon, contact a member of our team here at NessCampbell Crane + Rigging today.

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