March 2020

What Is a Heavy Hauling Permit?

What Is a Heavy Hauling Permit?

Hauling oversize loads is a risky job. Certain safety and travel procedures must be in place to ensure safer road travel and secure cargo. Therefore, trucking companies must obtain the proper permits. For those wondering what a heavy haul permit is, this guide will provide information on how to appropriately haul an oversize load in a safe, secure manner to its destination.

Heavy Haul Permits

A heavy haul permit is a state or local document that lists the hauler, load description, dimensions, and required travel route. Haulers must obtain these permits to travel with oversize loads. These permits, also called oversize permits, account for the max length, width, or height dimension. Each state has their own permit fees and service fees. There may be extra costs for loads over the dimensions of 80’ long x 12’ wide x 14’6” high. Truckers and trucking companies can order their permits from the state, the state’s website, or the permit service. Ordering from the state or state’s website does not require a service fee. On the other hand, permit services know how to properly abide to the state’s rules and regulations but will charge a service fee. Additionally, each state has its own escort requirements, but there are many escort options available. Civilian escorts are private companies that the state contracts to lead oversize loads. However, important hauls may require police escorts instead. Both types of escorts use pilot cars to check for low structures that could damage the load. In fact, the infamous I05 Skagit River Bridge collapse in Mount Vernon, Washington, occurred because of this issue.

Commonly Hauled Items

Some of the most commonly hauled oversize items include:

  • Construction equipment such as cranes, front loaders, and backhoes
  • Prebuilt homes
  • Containers
  • Bridge beams
  • Generators
  • Windmill propellers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Solar panels


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