The #1 Crane and Rigging Outfit in the Northwest


NessCampbell Crane + Rigging is the premier crane company in Portland, Oregon, and throughout the Northwest. We liftrighaul, and engineer everything from bridges and stadium roofs to MRI Equipment and Daytona 500 autos. Our partners represent 140 years of experience, and since they came up through the ranks, they know every facet of this industry.

Most of our employees also make lifelong careers with us, advancing their skills with regular training. All of our cranesmen are NCCCO-certified. Our riggers and engineers are the best in the business. In the 70 years since we launched our crane company in Portland, Oregon, we expanded our capabilities to integrate lifting, hauling, rigging, and engineering across every project—from lift plan to disassembly, for loads ranging from 8.5 to 600 tons. No one else in the Northwest can claim our rate of success, range and quality of equipment, and standards of maintenance. Not to mention our safety record, our EMR rating is well under the industry average. Start to finish, we’re here to make every partner’s crane + rigging project run like clockwork.