May 2019

Enclosed Equipment Trailers – Every Job Site Needs One

Equipment trailer filled with tools

At NessCampbell, we’re able to lift loads up to 600 tons, relocate large industrial machinery, and haul it all hundreds of miles with our heavy haul trucks and trailers. But we wouldn’t be able to do any of it without our equipment trailers. For every one of our projects, you’ll see one or two of these rigs on site.

These trailers are well-stocked with everything we need four our lifting, hauling, and or rigging assignments. Jacks, skates and dollies, sling and sling accessories, and even hand-held stop signs for safety purposes. No matter what job you have for us, we’ll always be prepared.


Our gear rigs are equipped with many types of jacks, including hydraulic and manual jacks. This allows us to lift and machinery, materials, and other smaller loads into position. This includes pallet jakes for quick and easy removal or placement of supplies.

Poly wheel skates

Used primarily when working inside warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other indoor applications, these skates are used under the machinery to move heavy machinery into place for our rigging equipment. Our trailers are also stocked with metal sheets to cover imperfections or joints in the flooring for easy movement.

Lifting slings

often used around the load itself. Many styles, including nylon, chain, wire rope, and polyester round slings. Depending on what’s being lifted, the nylon and polyester slings are a good option to protect the finish on what’s being lifted.

The nylon slings are more pliable than chain or wire rope and will conform around the load. This is ideal for delicate or finished equipment that needs a little extra care. We always have a variety of slings for every job we’re at.

While the massive cranes and 75-foot trailers carrying huge loads get the attention at the job site or on the road, we couldn’t pull off these jobs without our equipment trailers. Carrying all the equipment we need to safely secure the loads to the cranes and riggers, our trailers are necessary at every job site.

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