November 2017

Top Crane Companies in Seattle, WA

As of this writing, Seattle has three times as many cranes operating as New York City, drawing some of the top crane companies in the country. It was named the crane capital of the United States for the second year in a row.

By the end of 2017, there were 62 cranes in the city. That’s more than San Francisco and Portland combined.

Some of these contractors brought in companies with branches here, others are regional with local headquarters. We wanted to compile a list of the top crane companies in Seattle, WA, a mix of both national and regional. This is based largely off total capacity of tonnage as well as fleet size.

Maxim Crane Works

With over 3,300 employees and 31 branches worldwide, Maxim has had their hold on the industry for over a decade now (they’ve topped American Crane & Transport’s Top 100 Crane List 12 times now).

Though they are based in Pennsylvania, they have locations all over the world, including four branches in Washington (with one in Seattle). They have 2,540 mobile cranes altogether and 475 crawler cranes.


Bigge’s been in the crane and rigging industry just about longer than anyone (starting in 1916). They are a national company with 17 branches across the United States (and one, of course, in Seattle).

According to their website, their inventory of new and used cranes for sale is amongst the deepest in the country; the largest of this selection being the Liebherr LR 1750/2.

H&E Equipment Services

H&E Equipment Services ranks with Maxim in terms of manpower – they’ve got around 32 branches in the US and almost 2,000 employees, with one location in Seattle.

They are more of an equipment company than an actual rigging service; but in that, they’re amongst the best, and are one of the largest dealers in the world for big-market names.


We are amongst one of the few regional crane companies in a group that’s mostly national and worldwide (we were the 3rd-ranked regional company on ACT’s Top 100 Crane Companies of 2017).

One of our branches is based in Bothell, WA, making Seattle one of our prime sites to work. We actually originated in Seattle, opening our first crane facility there in 1946. We’ve built a steady reputation amongst contractors there, mostly for our success rate and large range of equipment.

Garner Construction

Garner Construction has provided steady services for the Pacific Northwest for some time now. However, what’s most unique is their origins: they are one of the few female-founded construction companies.

They’ve been involved with some of the major commercial projects in Seattle, with over 540 completed projects under their belt (as of 2017).


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