November 2017

Top Rigging Companies in Portland, OR

Though Portland doesn’t have the same amount of commercial projects as, say, Seattle or Los Angeles, we still have some of the top rigging companies in the country here.

Most of this list are rigging companies local to the area. The criteria for this list would be: total capacity and fleet size, as well as reliability and years of experience. Different rigging companies have different strengths, so we hope this selection helps as you decide on the rigging company for your next commercial project.

Barnhart Crane & Rigging

In terms of size and capacity, Barnhart is one of the best that operates in the Portland, OR area.  With 45 branches across the United States, they’re the largest company we’ll have on this list.

They’ve worked on many rigging companies in Oregon and Washington, as they have a full-service branch here in Portland, OR. As a whole, Barnhart manages one of the largest inventories of equipment in the country.

Lampson International

Completing successful projects for 65 years now, Lampson has built a name for themselves as a global leader in rigging. With just 8 branches and 300 worldwide employees, what they lack in size they certainly make up for in quality and capability.

They both manufacture and operate their heavy lifting equipment, making them a trusted resource for expertise and knowledge.


We developed our Portland division in 2009 after many years of serving the Seattle, WA area. Since then, we’ve become a mainstay for construction and rigging projects in the area.

We’ve been brought in for many rigging projects, including work in the medical, solar and high-tech industries. You can look into our rigging services here.

Metro Machine & Rigging

Metro is much more local than the bigger companies mentioned, like Lampson and Barnhart. In their portfolio includes generators, timber cribbing, furnaces and more. They are well known in the area for their high commitment to safety and their high-quality customer service.

Axis Crane

Starting out of just a small yard in Sandy, OR, Axis Crane has grown now to serve many cities throughout both Oregon and Washington.

They’ve done rigging work in wind power equipment, HVAC, industrial plant maintenance and cell phone towers, and have an inventory that can lift from to 30 to 550 tons.

Looking for a rigging company in Portland, OR? We’ve provided rigging services in Portland for over the last decade now. Get in touch with our team to talk about your project’s needs.