August 2020

How Hydraulic Truck Cranes Work

How Hydraulic Truck Cranes Work

It stands to reason that there are different types of cranes for various construction needs. For instance, tower cranes reach exceptional heights to erect skyscrapers, mobiles cranes provide easy transportation, and crawler cranes specialize in off-road terrain. However, there is another type of crane that every construction manager must know about: hydraulic truck cranes. This guide on how hydraulic truck cranes work will showcase their internal hydraulic systems and their appropriate applications.

The Internal Hydraulic System

Each hydraulic crane uses an internal hydraulic-fluid system for heavy lifting. While small cranes use an electric or diesel-fueled motor, these cranes have a fluid-filled hydraulic system that enables greater lifting and hoisting power. This also allows the cranes to transport objects beyond the size and scope of other lifting devices. The engine uses a hydraulic pump that applies pressure to an oil or fluid within the hydraulic system and redirects force throughout the crane. From there, the operator sits in an enclosed cab atop a steel base. The crane itself is either stationary or runs on tracts or wheels. Extendable booms, cables, blocks, and hooks fasten to the crane to safely hoist and transport loads across further distances.

What to Use Hydraulic Truck Cranes For

Given their greater lifting capacity, hydraulic cranes are used for larger loads than standard or smaller cranes can achieve. This includes lifting and hoisting shipping containers, trailers, large animals, and more. In short, the name of the trailer indicates its weight capacity. For example, a 40 short-ton hydraulic crane can lift about 80,000 pounds.


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