January 2019

How to Choose the Right Hauling Company

How to choose the right hauling company|casestudies-placeholder

Whether you’ve moved a lot of cargo and are looking to change companies, or this is the first time you’ve needed equipment hauled, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing the right hauling company for you.


An essential piece of choosing the correct hauling company is if they have the capacity and the equipment to handle your cargo. If their capacity has a lower weight threshold than the sum of your cargo, or they don’t have enough vehicles available for your haul, it clearly isn’t the right company for you. Variety of equipment may also be necessary for your load. Do they have dolly equipment or do you need to find that elsewhere? Do they have a variety of trailers or does the company take a one-size-fits-all approach? Your haul has unique needs. It’s best to choose a company that can fit those.

Safety and Transparency

Your load is valuable. Choose a company that recognizes this and takes steps to transport your cargo quickly, without compromising safety. It’s one thing for a company to say they’re safe, but do their services reflect that? Do they offer routing or driver tracking services? A hauling company that involves you in the process, is a company that cares about your load, and will take every step necessary to make sure it arrives safely and on time.


As with most industries, choosing a company that has a proven record is a pretty safe bet. Experience acquired over years in hauling, means the company knows what typical roadblocks and challenges your haul may pose, and can assist you in preventing problems before they happen. Knowing that the finer details are in the hands of experts can alleviate the stress that often goes along with a heavy or long distance haul.


If you aren’t sure what company or even equipment is best for your next haul, contact our expert team. NessCampbell can help determine what will work well for your load and within your budget. We have the best heavy haul personnel in the Northwest and we look forward to assisting you.