March 2020

Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make While Operating a Crane

Mistakes You Don't Want to Make While Operating a Crane

Like any other piece of construction equipment, cranes are not something to neglect. It’s incredibly important to have the right knowledge to operate these. Otherwise, you risk endangering the entire construction crew. In fact, there are certain mistakes you don’t want to make while operating a crane. Keep these in mind during your next project to ensure safety and accountability during every step of the process.

Overloading the Crane

This is one of the most important issues to avoid at all costs. It’s estimated that over 80% of crane-related accidents happen from overloading it. It’s extremely dangerous to exceed the crane capacity, as this can lead to the crane dropping the load or potentially tipping over. To avoid this, don’t overload past the carrying capacity or load a boom from the side. Keep weight distributed evenly at all times.

Using It Too Close to Electrical Lines

Another important tip is to not use a crane too close to electrical lines. Many accidents happen when cranes hit electrical lines; this can electrocute operators. It’s best to use a 10-foot radius around power lines. Additionally, use precaution when driving near these. Make sure to drive slowly and carefully.

Improper Inspection Beforehand

Like any piece of heavy machinery, you should always inspect your crane before use. Never operate the crane without a proper initial inspection. Parts could be damaged or working insufficiently, which can risk worksite safety. Look out for broken wires, loose cables, deformed hooks, and damaged latches. Also, ensure that the brake system works properly. This way, workers are safe, and operations perform accordingly. It’s best to perform regular maintenance checks on any piece of machinery to avoid any mechanical delays.

Working in Poor Weather

It’s essential to avoid working in poor weather. Bad situations can even occur if you don’t allow enough time since the inclement weather. Given that it’s made out of metal, lightning is a serious safety threat to a job site. It’s difficult to predict how weather can be at any given time, but you should avoid any weather-related issues as soon as they start. You may have to adjust your project’s timeline.


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